Triathlon 101

3 Cities in the Spring of 2024!
Limit 10 Athletes Per City

Muncie, New Castle, and Shelbyville IN
12-Week Triathlon 101 for Beginners
Starts: 1st Week of March

Over 12 weeks, you’ll experience 12 functional classes designed to prepare you for your first Sprint Triathlon or Duathlon in the summer of 2024!
We’ll have a special emphasis on swimming.

Who is this class for?

Adults 18 and up who have not done any multi-sports events previous to this class.
Limited to 10 beginners per class.

Where will the Classes be?

New Castle Indiana,
Muncie, Indiana
Shelbyville, Indiana


Starting 1st week of March 2024
Class times and locations vary from week to week due to practicing all the sports during class.
Class times varied from early mornings to late afternoons and weekends.
Proper Dress and plans for working out will be determined per session.

Here’s Everything You Get For Signing Up:

The life-changing skills learned in this class will stay with you and those around you for the rest of your life!
Here’s what we’ll cover over the 12 weeks:

  • Introducing triathlon and orientation
  • Swimming 101 – Swimming Fundamentals
  • Swimming 102 – Advanced Techniques and Endurance Building
  • Biking Introduction and Good Form
  • Running Introduction and Good Form
  • Outdoor open water swimming for beginners
  • T1/T2. (What is it?)
  • Gear (Gear? Gear! Oh my…)
  • Nutrition for Beginners
  • Why Running Right is Might
  • So you want to get to the finish line?
  • You did all that today?
  • You are now a triathlete! The indoor race.
  • Cycling class for all
  • Lifting is lifting. Not!
  • Yoga for Life