LCFL Training and Coaching

Our coaching services are meticulously tailored to your specific needs, with pricing structured to provide the right level of support for the length of your event. Personalized weekly overviews ensure your training aligns with your goals, while strategic race planning, foundational nutritional guidance, and gear reviews set the stage for a triumphant event.

Specifically you’ll get:

  • A personal plan tailored just for your goals
  • Personalized goals worked backward from your most important finish line annually
  • An authentic direct coaching connection (multi-channels including our Telegram channels)
  • Team accountability (teammates at training and races)
  • Access to the library of zooms
  • Smart Gear Purchase Insight and Advice (Saving thousands of dollars)
  • Smart racing schedules avoiding burnout
  • Success without suffering
  • Access to the secret tips used by thousands of athletes over 30 years of racing and coaching (with an emphasis on ‘Don’t do that!!’)


Triathlon 101 is for those beginning athletes near East Central Indiana! If you’re a beginner looking for comprehensive support and resources, this foundational level is tailored just for you.

The in-person nature of this package gives every athlete prioritized assistance. It offers a premium coaching experience designed for the aspiring, driven, and goal-oriented beginner. It ensures a heightened level of communication, guidance, accountability, and responsiveness to help you achieve your performance milestones.

Note: As this is an intensive class, this package is just 3 months long.

Tri 101 Finishers BSU Tri

Your Next Best Triathlon

If you’re a beginner looking for comprehensive support and resources but need a little more flexibility in your training, this is your course.

This online variant of the original Tri 101 course is just right for the busy professional or parent! Like the original, it offers a premium coaching experience designed for the aspiring, driven, and goal-oriented beginner.
However, all courses are online. You’ll have much more autonomy in this course!

This training is designed to be more flexible for the new triathlete.

Triathlon 101 Online

It’s a 70.3 Triathlon

Our Specialty!!!

For the advanced triathlete gearing up for their first or next half-triathlon, this coaching package is tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you’re a seasoned triathlete seeking a premium coaching experience with a focus on conquering your first or next half-triathlon, this is your ideal choice. This builds on your existing expertise, providing specialized coaching and guidance to ensure peak performance on race day.

This online program caters to the demands of busy professionals and parents. While maintaining the premium coaching experience for the driven and goal-oriented athlete, the online format offers increased autonomy. You’ll have the flexibility to navigate the course at your own pace, making it perfect for the busy advanced triathlete.

Other Services

If you would like a consultation on anything endurance-sport-related, please let me know – $100 per hour. Initial consultation regarding coaching packages is free for up to 30 minutes.

$80 per hour (plus facility fees)* East Central Indiana athletes only

Single Sport pricing is the same as above depending on the package selected.

If you don’t see what you need here on the website, or you are interested in training for a unique endurance event (SwimRun events, multiple day/ stage events, ultra-triathlon), please contact me to discuss your needs. I have experience coaching athletes for all kinds of events, and I can design a plan to meet whatever needs you may have.

If you are between the ages of 18-24, and in school, please contact us for rates.